Friday, February 2, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 71: Anything you wish

These are postcards that I wanted to share last weekend with the theme, mountains. I didn't have the chance to scan them though. These are from John of John's Island. The postcards are from northwestern-most part of the United States of America.

On the bottom leftmost part of this postcard is the name Dan Coe. He is a professional Artist & Sign Painter working out from his private studio in Anchor Point, Alaska.

The artist Sydney Mortiner Laurence painted this in 1935. The artwork as is printed on this is called, This is Alaska

This one is not really a postcard but a folded card. It's too beautiful not to share. The artwork is called Inside Passage, painted by John Fehringer.

And for the finale, a postcard showing a view of Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains. It was taken from the Sky View Observatory, the largest public observatory on the West Coast.

I was very glad to take these postcards with me, traveling 12,970 km from Seattle to Singapore. Now it's twice the fun, having to share these here on my blog with all my postcards loving visitors for the Postcards for the Weekend linky :)

Cheers & have a nice weekend everyone!



  1. These postcards make me dream of travelling into the wild!

  2. Hi Maria, Wow, I love seeing these cards on Postcards for the Weekend! And thank you for the link to my blog! You're the best! And how cool to know they have traveled about 13,000 km since leaving Seattle! Now, I've got to get to work on a post for this weekend! Take good care and have a great week ahead! John

  3. Beautiful postcards, Maria! I saw you mentioned on John's Island blog.

  4. Beautiful cards! Love the third one, with the different shades of blue, and just a little bit of contrasting yellow...


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