Saturday, October 28, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 58: Markets

Souvenir Postcard from a trip to Bangkok, Thailand

So I've been to Thailand for many times, both for work and personal visit, but, for some reason, I've never been to the famous floating markets. I mistook this market on the postcard for Damnoen Daduak, a floating market which I know is just in the capital. However, upon reading the information at the back, this market is actually farther away in a province called Rajburi. I can't imagine how busy and how organized this chaos is in real life!

Postcard sent for postcrossing

Here's one of the busiest markets in Singapore. I've been to the Little India several times and I have always enjoyed the vibrancy of the place. There's a section for fruits and vegetables. There's also a section for dry goods that we can see on this postcard. Insets are a snap of a Hindu temple and the Taipusam Festival, where people puncture their body.

I hope you like these insights of markets from my side of the world, South East Asia.

Happy weekend,
~ maria


  1. I'd get claustrophobia in a market like that ;)

  2. Beautiful postcards, Maria!

    (and sorry for the extra link, I had some wifi problem and accidentally clicked twice... maybe you can remove the extra link?)

  3. Hello, Maria! I LOVE your blog! It is so great to see you are out and about. ((HUGS)) Have a lovely weekend, my dear.

  4. Hello, my sweet Friend! I don't see my comment on here--just wanted you to know I'm back. I hope this note finds you well, sweet girl. Blessings and peace be upon you. <3

  5. The second postcard reminds me the markets here in Morocco. I don't buy things often, but sometimes I like to wander around. And I like, for once, to be in a floating market like on the first postcard.

    I like this theme on postcards. I even made an album with my postcards of markets around the world.


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