Saturday, October 14, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 57: Anything you wish

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from North Houston, Texas
Sent 2 Dec 2013, Traveled 13,241 km in 10 days

For our theme this weekend, anything you wish, I'm sharing an anecdote, facts, and trivia about the United States of America and the states that I'm visiting during this 3-week business trip.

CA-669234, Sent from Montreal, Quebec
Sent 11 Oct 2016, Traveled 14, 644 km in 15 days

According to a report published by Instituto Cervantes, the United States of America has more Spanish speakers as compared to Spain. My first conversation after getting out of my 13 hours flight from Tokyo to Washington, DC was with a gentleman, whom I asked for directions. My un poquito Español was put to the test. Good thing some Spanish words are incorporated in my native tongue, Filipino. Evidently, one needs more than English to efficiently get by in the USA.

RU-1711183, Sent from Yekaterinburg, Russia
Sent 29 Apr 2013, Traveled 6,872 km in 37 days

My flight from Tokyo (I flew in first from Singapore to Japan) landed at Washington Dulles International Airport. I wish I budgeted a couple of days for sightseeing. I could have seen the Lincoln Memorial in the capital. 

Direct Swap, Sent from Vienna, VA
Sent 22 Nov 2016, Traveled 15,685 km

From Washington DC, I flew here to Cleveland, Ohio. This is my first main destination for my 3-week business trip here in the USA. When I came to the office yesterday, I was given a goodie bag, containing several items and a paper with a Did You Know? header. As you can imagine, it's the inspiration for my choice of postcards for this post. I learned that Ohio is the Birthplace of Aviation, as the Wright brothers were born in Dayton, Ohio.

TW-1056264, Sent from Taiwan
Sent 25 Oct 2013, Traveled 1,171 km in 13 days

On Sunday, I will fly from Cleveland to Seattle, with a connection via Chicago. The Ferris wheel was invented in Chicago in 1893.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Seattle, WA
Sent 19 June 2015, Traveled 12,970 km

The state of Washington is my second and last main destination for this trip. Washington state produces more apples than any other states. I'm pretty curious if I'll have the chance to see apple orchards while I'm there. Moreover, I also hope to see one of our blogging friends, John.

Happy weekend everyone,


  1. Hi Maria, Thanks for hosting. I enjoyed all the cards! Wow, that one from Washington looks familiar! :-) Hope you have a great journey to USA and hope I get to see you in Seattle! John

  2. My head is spinning like a Ferris wheel just trying to imagine all that travelling! ;)

  3. This was a delightful post. I hope you enjoy your trip - and get some down down to explore!

  4. These are wonderful! Wow! Thank you for posting. I will be back often to visit. :D

  5. Never thought about the invention of the Ferris wheel, I wonder what prompted the thinking behind that. Enjoyed your postcard trip.

  6. Such an interesting blog post! Thank you for letting us learn about a variety of facts :-)
    I don't speak any Filipino word (except from the word 'anak', from the beautiful song by Freddy Aguilar)(or is 'anak' a different word in Filipino - I read he sang in Tagalog?); but concerning Spanish words in Filipino language I can imagine there are several, as I always was surprised by the many Spanish-sounding family names in the Philippines. You see, I didn't really learn about your country's history..

    I love the airplane postcard, but I think I'd better receive the US-all-states postcard one day... Because I still don't know more than four states by heard, while I'm receiving mail from mail friend from various states..

    I was very late in my contribution to last Weekend's Postcards. Hope you don't mind me posting the link here in my coment:

    Wishing you a pleasant stay and good business in the US!


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