Thursday, February 23, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 26: Serenity

This post is quite early for this upcoming weekend. I am anticipating intermittent internet access. I will be in my home island for a delayed birthday celebration with my family.

FR-764739, Sent from Rennes, France
Traveled 11,043 km in 13 days
For the serenity theme this weekend, I've chosen first this card -- a woman with a tranquil countenance in her senior years,

RU-5218172, Sent from St. Petersburg, Russia
Traveled 8,974 km in 20 days
finding serenity in solitude; the liberty to be still, enjoy a good calming cup of tea, meditate, or slowly read a good book with lighted scented candles nearby, and

Sent by myself from Santorini, Greece
in renewing faith in each deep breath we take while witnessing the beauty of creation.

Have a great weekend everyone and I sincerely would like to express my gratitude to all bloggers and friends who have been very creative with the postcards shared for our themes this month of February.



  1. The second one is lovely and the first one really does look tranquil. I think this is going to be a challenge for me...

  2. I wouldn't like to wear that Breton hat in the sort of gale we had here yesterday. A most serene post. Enjoy your delayed birthday celebrations.

  3. An interesting variety of different takes on the theme.

  4. Silly me - I just noticed that I forgot to add my link for this weekend, and now the linky is closed. You'll find my serenity post here

  5. Sorry, I came by early to post my link, made a mental note to come back and comment and then forgot!

    I like the all of the cards, especially the middle one. Tea and a book sound quite serene to me!

    Thanks for hosting again :-)

    1. Not an issue at all Helen! Looking forward for your post.

  6. I love your selection. We coincided in choosing tea :)
    I've been twice in Greece, and I agree: I found there a lot of places and that make me feel serene. I'm looking forward to travel there again!


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