Friday, February 17, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 25: Gratitude

Searching for postcards to share for this weekend's theme reminded me of the interconnectivity of these four themes I've chosen for this month of February. Please forgive me if the cards might seem redundant with the emotions they convey ...

NL-2055263, sent from Den Haag, The Netherlands
Traveled 10,451 km in 15 days
...gratitude for receiving attention

UA-1478123, sent from Kharkov, Ukraine
Traveled 8,316 km in 17 days
...gratitude for being outside in nature under the warmth of the sun

Direct Swap, sent from Munich, Germany
...gratitude for having food and drinks on the table 

NL-3556071, sent from Volendam, The Netherlands
Traveled 10,517 km in 17 days
...gratitude for seeing and receiving a present from a good friend.

Happy weekend everyone and looking forward into seeing your postcards,


  1. I like the cards that you posted. This was quite a difficult theme for me since I couldn't really think of a connection in some of the postcards I have. Still, that is part of the challenge isn't it?

    Thank you for posting and leading again!

  2. Hi Maria, Sure enjoyed your cards and they are perfect for the theme. Thanks so much for all you do to host the meme and provide feedback to all of us who participate. Hope you are having a fine weekend! Best regards from Seattle!

  3. All these are beautiful pictures. And I love the way you fitted them in the theme.


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