Friday, February 3, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 23: Happiness

For more than 20 weeks, we have seen creative twists with the theme interpretations. I would love to mention each and every notable ones I've seen. I'm afraid this post won't fit on this page at all though if I do so! In line with that observation, I decided to be more inclusive for the themes this month of February. I realized it might be quite challenging, but let's see what are the postcards the four chosen emotions will bring us. To start with -- HAPPINESS.

The Red Clover Fairy, Private Swap
Sent from Russia, Traveled for 20 days

Aside from being in the company of love ones and friends, I noticed that I'm very happy whenever I'm surrounded by nature. My job needs me to talk and listen with many different people most of the time. Nature does not ask that of me; listening to its sounds is voluntarily ... for the talking part, I guess I kind of do self-talk whenever I see something queer or fascinating. Overall, it's a rush of happiness whenever I see colorful birds, butterflies, dragonflies, beautiful blooms, huge and ancient trees whenever I go for nature walks. At some places, the foliage is the same as my last visit. Regardless, the great experience remains the same!

NL-1307269, Sent from The Netherlands
Traveled 10,333 in 60 days

For this theme of happiness, I'm sharing these three reproductions of Mary Cicely Barker postcards. It's impressive how happiness is reflected on the faces of each fairy on the postcards. And oh, that youthfulness! My partner told me that he often notices that I'm the happiest whenever we do something outdoors in nature. Well, it always give me the sense of adventure and freedom -- best cure for anxiety!

The Black Bryony Fairy, NL-2110239
Sent from The Netherlands, Traveled 10,348 km in 10 days

I hope these postcards are able to make you happy, too!



  1. I so agree with you, nature makes really happy!
    Although I hadn't think of nature for this theme (I planned to search for a matching postcard tomorrow), as the first idea which comes into my mind is 'noisy' happiness, instead of the silent, quiet happiness feeling nature does bring.
    So thank you for your post, and I'm looking forward to seeing how others (including myself) will interprete this theme!

  2. Yes flower fairies always spread happiness (love the double daisy); wouldn't it be exciting to find one amongst the flowers.

  3. I love Mary Cicely Barker's flower fairies too :)

  4. I received some Flower Fairies in the past, and I also noticed they always seem to be happy. So I think these nice postcards fit perfectly in this weeks's theme!


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