Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pink stamps from Finland.

I had second thoughts on whether to include that teardrop stamp on this entry for Viridian's Sunday Stamps cause the theme for this week is pink. The stamp appears purple. But believe me, it's vivid pink on the real stamp...

But as you can see, the vivid pink teardrop stamp is on this 'pink stamps' post despite being purple on its scanned appearance. 


While looking for pink stamps at the back of the postcards I've received, I first found this teardrop stamp -- at the back of the birthday postcard from 2012 sent by my Finnish penpal, Tuija. Leafing a few pages more in my postcards album, I found the fairy wearing a pink dress, at the back of the 2013 birthday postcard, still from Tuija! This is delightful discovery for me. With these pink stamps, I think of my sweet friend Tuija whom I've grown to be very close in heart and thoughts even if we've never meet (yet). I love how we've cheered for each other through life's ups and downs. I am amazed of how the human soul and spirit can find confidence in friendship even with someone who's literally living on the other side of the globe.

Tuija celebrated her birthday just recently. As a late birthday gift, I want her to know how much I appreciate our friendship with this post. ♥

~ maria

P.S. The lovely postcard that came with the fairy stamp will be posted here tomorrow. ;-) See you!


  1. Lovely fairy. I remember the one on the right is from the "Drops of Happiness" set which I think may be just like post from a pen-friend coming dropping in.

  2. hi kristina, you can share any kind of flowers, also on postcards :) greetings from tina/kristina :)

  3. Finland seems to be doing particularly well for this pink theme. Pink gave me problems too - but that's just my eyes.

  4. Finland really has impressive stamps - I have seen (and received) the tear stamp, but the fairy is new to me. Isn't she lovely?

  5. Hello and lovely to see you here again! Yes pink does scan a little strange at times. thank you for sharing your Finnish stamps.

  6. Lovely stamps and so much more beautiful than the ones in the UK , France does lovely ones too :-)

  7. Such a good post...and the stamps are beautiful...
    xo bj


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