Monday, March 25, 2013

Every morning is a gate to a new world.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sender: Tuija Thil
Sent from Kuopio, Finland, Sent on 28 January 2013
Received on 6 February 2013, Traveled ~9,160 km in 10 days

"Every morning is a gate to a new world."

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, here is the postcard that came with the fairy stamp.

I've very much wanted to share this postcard when I received it, right exactly on my birth day. But, as you can see in my blog archive, there's no single entry for the month of February.

And nope, it wasn't because I'm swamped with work and clinical residency again. Well, I kinda am with the latter but ... February was my month. Pardon me for being a bit selfish with it. I turned 26 and having spent 25 years of my life (WHOAH! That's a quarter century all gone now!) ... I decided I need time for more serious introspection.

It was a struggle to get a 'me time'. I'm not sad nor sorry about it, don't get me wrong. The month started awesome. I was on a nature paradise with my boyfriend and his cheerful friends. After that, we got to enjoy our own lovely time for our first Heart's Day together. At the end of February, I was on the other side of the spectrum, struggling to hold together the crumbling pieces of a dream that my friends and I have been devoting so much time, effort, energy, and resources already for almost three years.

When I really thought a time alone with myself was what I needed to see a better picture of who I've been for the past 25 years and what I want to be now that I am starting another 25 years (well hopefully 75 more years, but let's talk about that later) dawned on me that a new experience each morning / day modifies your choices and very much affects your decision-making. You might be strongly inclined into something, then something goes out of control -- you don't complain but do your best to turn things still into something great. Then eventually, you'll never know that even though you've taken a detour, you're still on the right track into claiming that something that you really really wanted. Or perhaps, you get frustrated because you're on a completely different road now. But unknown to you is that you've been pushed into this other road so you can be a lot better than what you initially thought you can be.

I admit at 26, I am surprised to find I am still a bit confused sometimes of what I truly want. I am still a bit hesitant sometimes with a new morning, not knowing where my real space is under the sun in that new day. But then, I guess that's life. You just always give it your best shot despite the uncertainties and you discover a new perspective, a better sense of the world than what you've always thought it was.

Yesterday, I'm happy to discover a wonderful blog, Tina's PicStory. Apparently, the author and I shares the same name, she's Kristina, my complete first name is Maria Kristina. She uses the name Tina on her blog, which is how my mother Valentina is called by friends. This pretty flower postcard is my first submission to her Weekend Flowers linky.

Wishing us all a great Monday morning, a great start for a new week, and a wonderful week ahead!



  1. what a lovely postcard! thanx for sharing your flowers with us :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I am in my 60's and I still take time to reevaluate what I truly want. I guess circumstances of life determine that and attitude. Have a great birthday.

  3. I liked this postcard very much. In fact, it was just what I needed. Thank you for your transparency. You are an amazing lady. ((hugs))


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