Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love never ends.

Facebook Postcard Swap, Sender: Edyta Kuciel
Sent on 28 June 2012, Sent from Medyka, Poland
Received on 18 July 2012, Traveled ~9,738 km in 21 days 
The happiness of finding someone whom you can call 'my soulmate' with 100% confidence is beyond words. I've never truly understood this word - soulmate. Until I met him. Despite not having much time to spent together in person, it feels like I've always known him and that we have always been together our entire lives. 

We call each other, 'my twin' - joking about the two of us being made out of the same mold by God. It's absolutely amazing how we are very much alike. Well, not in appearance but more with intangible traits. Despite being raised in different parts of the world, with different culture and environment, our chemistry is natural. We share so many similar traits, values, and perspectives about many important things. 

I used to have so much fear about what the future will bring. But now, with each of us imagining ourselves growing old together and still doing silly, crazy, and mischievous stuff even if we're already wearing false teeth and aching everywhere due to rheumatism, the future (and being old for that matter) and all its uncertainties isn't a scary thought anymore.

And with these re-assuring words from him, "I can picture the two of us going through life and its struggles hand in hand with confidence, because we know no matter what, we will always have each other" -- what can go wrong? Well of course, a lot can go wrong. But knowing that there is and there will always be that one person with who is very confident and determined that he wants to be there for you through thick and thin, you look at these things that can go wrong as opportunities for the two of you to grow stronger together.

Today, 'my twin' will meet my parents. It's gonna be a lovely moment for sure...

Can you find the heart on this postcard? I hope you do! If you want to see more hearts, go to Clytie's Guest Heart Thursday. Happy hearts viewing!

P.S. The title of this entry is a translation of the text on the postcard. :-)


  1. What a beautiful postcard. It kind of made me cry a little. You see, Sissy and I and our family recently lost our Dad (just before Thanksgiving). Mumsie misses him SO do we all. You should have seen how they were together those last days. (sigh)

    ((hugs)) Have a wonderful Easter, dear lady.

  2. absoulutely beautiful story from your life. I see the heart:-)

  3. By chance I found your blog. I'm surprised that I found here postcard which I sent!
    Have a nice day :)

    Edyta K.


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