Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pink Sky & A Polar Bear

I just fell in love with this postcard when I received this. But lo and behold! That postmark right on the body of the polar bear. I wanted to stage a protest against the central post office for ruining (kind of) my postcard! But I reckon I calmed myself by thinking that such marks on the postcard gives it character -- the postmark is the evidence that the card traveled far and long, but finally, it has reached the end of its journey.

Looking longer at the card, I ask myself what the polar bear is thinking about, with the setting sun and the chunk of sea ice at a distance. Global warming, perhaps?

I am sharing this card with Beverly's Pink Saturday blog roll. Happy weekend everyone!


Postcard ID: FI-1243554, Sender: Singalana
Sent from Helsinki, Finland, Sent on 03 Nov 2011
Received on 13 Nov 2011, Traveled 8,952 km in 10 days


  1. What a neat idea for pink Saturday. The bear seems to be dreaming of another trip he could be making.

  2. I wondered what that stamp on the bear's backside was. Not fair - but it sure makes it conversational, doesn't it? Awesome post card photo. Great post.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Hi! I'm sorry to take so long to get back to you about the Olympics cards. I'm afraid I don't have any spare of the ones you commented on, but if you'd like to trade one from one of these I'd be happy to do so.

    1. Hello Shiela, sorry for the late reply. Yes I would like to trade w/ your Olympics minisheets stamps :)


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