Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cards from Yuki of Japan

There's a nice story behind these cards. 

I saw the first card with the dancing girls of Japan from my random browsing of the postcrossing website. I contacted the sender of the card, Yuki. We agreed for a swap and I got the card on 22 Nov 2011.

The Maiko, or dancing girls of Japan preserve the traditional feminine charm of the kimono. In the card above, they are standing in front of a Buddhist pagoda at the Daikakuji Temple, Kyoto.

Two months after, I received an official postcrossing card...and to my nice surprise, the sender is the same Yuki who sent me the Maiko card from Nov 2011.

If you examine the map closely, you will see that the pictorial marker for Kyoto is a woman wearing a kimono. I was curious whether the cards were from the same printer, but no. The Maiko card was printed by NBC Inc. and the map card was by Asahi card. I guess Kyoto is really famous for the Maiko and the Daikakuji Temple, then!

Thank you so much Yuki for sending these cards to me.

Happy weekend everyone!

Pardon me,  Beth. This is a late post also for your Postcard Friendship Friday. 


Postcard ID: JP-233339
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  1. more lovely traditional costumes! thanks for sharing and for dropping by my blog...happy belated postcard friday!

  2. Not everyone who wears a kimono is a maiko! Kyoto is famous for geisha/maiko though.

    1. Thanks for the info Maggie! I didn't know that maiko is another name for geisha.

    2. I think technically, maiko are geisha-in-training... I know I wouldn't be able to tell them apart by looking, though. :)


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