Saturday, June 30, 2012

Then and Now

I don't know Polish but hints tell me that this is school in Głuchołazach, Poland. I am so grateful for the sender cause it's always nice to see 'then and now' photos of places, buildings, etc. I'm even more grateful for what she wrote at the back of the card. Wow! I'm so happy that my efforts in writing didn't go unnoticed.

Happy weekend everyone!

Take some time to check out Beth's page for your dose of postcards on a weekend. Find her page by simply clicking the photo below. ;-)

~ maria

p.s. Unfortunately the contents she mentioned at the back of the card were taken down when I reformatted from the diary style into a postcards & stamps dedicated blog. What a coincidence though that that fact also captures the 'then and now' of this blog. :D


  1. I also love the "then and now" theme for postcards. The message at the back of the postcard is indeed nice. Good on you. Don't you just love it when senders write like this instead of the usual messages?

  2. great post for "then and now"...and thanks for dropping by on postcard friendship friday!


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