Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Armadillo

Hello folks! It's been quite a while...Pardon my absence. I'd been busy preparing for an international conference on radiation protection. My study on occupational radiation doses of interventional cardiologists (which was also my master's thesis) was accepted for oral presentation. The conference was held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center in Glasgow, Scotland. 

At the SECC area, there's the Clyde Auditorium, more familiar as 'The Armadillo'. This is not in reference to the animal itself, though it looks like one. The architect's reference for the design was the interlocking of series of ship's hulls, as tribute to the Clyde's shipbuilding heritage. Below is a postcard which arrived 2 days ago here in my apartment, sent to me by no other than, myself. Crazy, isn't it? I guess I'm that inclined in getting something from the mail...  :p

This second photo is of me (in the middle) and my professors. Glasgow's temperature of 5ºC was a big challenge for us. I guess that's evident with all of us being all bundled up. Manila was at 37ºC when we left. In Glasgow, I felt like being inside one big freezer! Despite the cold, the experience was very rewarding. Talking in front of professionals and experts in my field from different countries was truly one experience of a lifetime. :)

~ maria

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  1. Excellent that you have presented in Glasgow! Sorry about the temperature though.....

    This is Anabel's Travel Blig commenting but I can't make comments work with my Wordpress account. I tried to add some to your A to Z posts A and B but I don't think they worked.


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