Sunday, June 17, 2012

Genus: Prunus

The Sunday Stamps theme for this week is food -- fruit, vine, or dessert.

I am sharing two stamp designs for the genus: Prunus. Dug from the back of the postcards I received from last year, these fruits are regular items for breakfast during my recent UK visit.

The first one is from Moldova, Prunus armeniaca. Or more commonly known as apricot. I usually had it as a jam. The breakfast buffet in almost every hotel and hostel I checked in to had the Coronet apricot jam. I loved having it with my toast, if not the raspberry jam.

The second stamp is from Turkey, Prunus persica, or peaches. Sectioned orange with sliced peaches in sweet syrup was one reason why I woke up early during my stay at the Euro Hostel in Scotland. I believe this combination was a hit among the guests. 

Wow! I miss waking up and rushing into the hostel/hotel's restaurant to grab these items that would get me ready and full for the day.



  1. Both delicious fruits, sounds like a perfect start to the day.

  2. im not fond of jams, but the stamps are lovely!
    Im pretty sure the jams are tasty but thank God ho(s)tels serve other things as well :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my entry. I have the same stamp just like the one from Turkey.
    And by the way, if you are not a member of Postcrossing Philippines, please do join us because we will be having our 3rd Official Postcrossing Philippines Meet up on July 22, 2012. I hope you could join us if you are a member of postcrossing.By the way,it is a closed group but you can ask to join. Thanks!

    1. Will, thanks for the comment and the info! :) Asking to join the group now. Hoping to see fewllo postcrossing enthusiasts from the Philippines.

  4. I like nothing better than fresh apricots but it isn't always so easy to find them. Peaches, too, but they seem easier to find in the shops.

    I'm sorry I didn't reply to your question about a swap. I do have a spare copy of the bottom Camino de Santiago card from that post if you'd like to exchange. I've become very nervous about sending postcards since that trip because I sent two to myself and only one arrived. Two to the USA seem to have gone missing too. :(


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