Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sunday Stamps - (K) Karate World Championship in France 2012

For the letter K - Karate
2012 - France - Sport (Sporting events)
Printer: Phil@Poste Boulazac

I came across a very informative post about the mini-series containing this stamp while researching about it. The post can be found here. Saves me some typing time (wink).

I would say though that I love how the Eiffel Tower is depicted with brushstrokes here against a bright red sun. Simple yet beautiful fusion of French and Japanese icons.


  1. I've received one of the stamps from this set, but I hadn't seen the Eiffel tower. I agree with you: it's a perfect fusion!

  2. Love a bit of calligraphy (even though I can't read it), what a perfect image to conjure up a meeting of cultures. Never knew the French were so good at karate.

  3. Great stamp - it's a long time since I've seen the Eiffel tower - great design.


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