Saturday, May 6, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 36: Traditional craft work

BY-1050236, sent from Belarus
Sent 11 Oct 2013, Traveled 9,224 km in 25 days
I had to do a research to learn more about this postcard. It's awesome to find information on another blog about postcards: Remembering Letters and Postcards -- spinning flax on a drop spindle. I would love to see this way of doing textile done in person! 

Postcard from my Malta holiday

It has been a habit for me to take back souvenir(s) for my parents whenever I travel. I was literally smitten with a handmade tablecloth with lace and embroidery. Oh man! It was heavy. We bought it earlier during the day and we had to take it with us for the rest of our sightseeing. No regrets though as I'm sure my parents will be pleased when they see it with the matching napkins.

I'm so excited to see the other postcards that feature traditional craft work this weekend. Enjoy visiting each and everyone in the linky party!

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  1. Aargh - it seems my spelling mistake from last week has stuck in the autofill on the linking site... (sigh!)

  2. The paddle object look as though it has seen long years of spinning. The number of bobbins always fascinate me with lace work, I don't think my brain could coordinate those.

  3. Happy to join the next round! I just found out about it and I do love postcards :)


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