Friday, January 13, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 20: SE Asian land transpo

PH-61397, Sent to Pella, Greece
Traveled 9,664 km in 14 days

Here's a horse-drawn wooden carriage that's been widely used in the Spanish colonial era of the Philippines. The local term is calesa. I remember when I was a child, my grandparents would bring me to the church or to the town market in a calesa. Nowadays, it's mostly found at tourist 
attraction sites and is no longer used as a means of every day public transportation.

Sent from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Traveled 350 km, sent 12 June 2015

This is called a trishaw. Similar to the calesa, tourists are the ones seen enjoying a ride. The back of this postcard says that this is static image was taken in Malacca. I've never been there but I've seen for several times a row of trishaws carrying tourists around Chinatown (Singapore).  

Friendship gift postcard, Sent from Jakarta
Sent 23 July 2012, Traveled 2,787 km

Trishaw in Indonesia is called becak. I've never seen a trishaw for the couple of visits I've had to 2 different cities in Indonesia. I reckon that it has been widely replaced by motorbikes. As far as I know, at least in Jakarta, there's an app for motorbikes which works like an Uber/Grab where you can order a motorbike for a pick up / drop off service.

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Ho Chi Minh, Vietman
Sent: 20 November 2013, Traveled 1,611 km in 6 days

I've been to Ho Chi Minh several times and I've seen few people still riding this type of tall bicycles. Although nowadays, as most of you may know, the city's streets are full of motorized bicycles. Perhaps for originality or to attract attention, some street vendors could also be seen like the man with his items for sale on the postcard below:

Sent from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Traveled 2,698 km

I hope you enjoyed these postcards from my part of Asia. I'm currently traveling for work and facilitating workshops even on Saturdays for this weekend and the next. It's been really busy on my end lately and I hope you all would forgive my delayed visits on the pages you share for our weekly linky party.

I hope you're all having a more relaxing weekend as compared with me!



  1. Sure I enjoy your postcards! I love horses and I love bicycles - for many Dutch bicycles are one of the main transportation means, and whenever possible I prefer the bike to car.
    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing! And have a good journey, take care :-)

  2. Nice to see bicycles in all their guises, who knew they could be used as a climbing aid. Hope your week is more relaxing than your weekend.

  3. Great cards Maria! Here in rural Japan, the bicycle is still used quite frequently, especially by older women and teenagers, and me! However, we have just received a lot of snow so I won't be riding mine for a while. One thing that the younger generation seems to have mastered is being able to ride a bike and text at the same time. I can't do that!

    Thank you for posting!

  4. Hi Maria, I'm really enjoying the linkup. You and the others joining the party have some excellent cards to share. I enjoyed all the cards you shared in this post. I had to smile about the one with the ladies riding bicycles with the flowing garments behind. They are not worried about getting tangled up with the wheel, are they? :-) Sorry to hear your trip to Seattle has been delayed but I'm going to keep fingers crossed that it will still happen one of these days. Best wishes to you while you are working this weekend and hope you have a relaxing week ahead. Thanks again, Maria!

  5. Some really interesting bicycle cards there! I'm fascinated how those women in white manage to ride their bikes in those long dresses...

  6. Yes, I'm enjoying these postcards. I'd like we ve more postcards of traditional transportation in Morocco. I guess we will have when the donkeys start to serve touristy purposes...


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