Friday, January 6, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 19: Trains/trams

Direct Swap, Sent from Pawlowice, Poland
Sent 26 July 2012, Traveled 9,615 km

A steam railway locomotive photographed by Ilya Semenov. It's a model L-3348 from the former Soviet Union. Do you know a place where steam trains are still used for passenger service?

Souvenir postcard from Gothenburg, Sweden

I ran out of stamps for all the postcards I bought when I went to Sweden in April of 2015. This is one of a couple of postcards that remained with me. I think these are much older models of the trams I saw and used when I was there. It was my first time to ride a tram in Europe and I think I spent a good 5-10 minutes just to watch the trams passing by and stopping at the Central Station in Gothenburg.

CA-249624, Sent from Hong Kong
Sent 18 May 2012, Traveled 13,422 km in 21 days

Here's another tram that looks like an older model compared to what exists in Hong Kong nowadays. Hong Kong was my first out of the country trip back in 2009. I was amazed to see the tram as no trams exist in the Philippines (at least none that I'm aware of which are being used for public passenger service).

I wish the year is starting well for all of us!

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  1. Snow and steam, and unbeatable combination.

  2. There are a few steam trains still running in the UK. They are managed by volunteers but in some cases provide a regular service where there is no other line.

  3. I recognise the Gothenburg trams. Yes, that would be an older picture I think. (I'm not sure if they still run an old one just as tourist attraction on some line, perhaps.) Did you know Gothenburg is one of only three cities in Sweden where they (still) have trams? The others are Norrköping and Stockholm (only a few trams in Sthlm as they also have metro/underground).

    No regular steam trains in Sweden, but a few museum ones with tourist traffic.


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