Friday, October 28, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 9: Gardens by the Bay

I thought it would be easier not to work on a theme but I was wrong! When having a theme requires me to dig through my collection, not having one puts me in a big conflict. There’s a lot of beautiful and special cards that I wish to share!

But finally … here are cards from Singapore Gardens by the Bay – a place where I love going for a jog or a walk during the weekends. Though the scenery doesn’t change, there’s always new energy depending on the crowd of people who are there at the time of my visit.

To start with, here are two artistic renditions of the place. Are you able to count how many birds are there in the yellow postcard? How about the butterfly, dragonfly, and frog on the white one?

Outgoing, Traveling to Finland

SG-221079, Sent to Arizona, USA
Traveled 14,646 km in 21 days

For these next two cards, they’re almost identical but taken at different angles. It’s nice to notice that the bright white dot-like lights on the supertrees are more luminous on the last card.

The Gardens by the Bay is self-sufficient. There are solar panels on top of the supertree structures that power the place.

SG-224826, Sent to Gwynedd, UK
Traveled 11,074 km in 13 days

SG-221631, Sent to Bochum, Germany
Traveled 10,353 km in 9 days

I hope you enjoyed these cards. Have fun visiting each other’s page for their chosen features for the theme anything you wish!



  1. Hi Maria, These are all neat cards. Hard to pick a favorite! Perhaps Gardens by the Bay ... love the colors and the little green frog. Thanks for sharing and for hosting Postcards for the Weekend! Wishing you a fine weekend!

  2. Interesting set of cards from the same place, and yet different from each other. Perhaps that could make a good theme sometimes, too - "the same but different", something like that??

  3. I'd love to visit Gardens by the Bay. I was in Singapore for a few days 10 or so years ago and I really loved it. It is one of the places in Asia that I really would like to spend more time in.

  4. That must be magical at night. The yellow card is a beautiful impression of the garden.

  5. This seems like a magical garden. I also like the artistic postcards.
    Yes, it wasn't easy to choose this week!


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