Friday, October 7, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 6: Singapore Postal Boxes

Outgoing: 7 October 2016 to Tasmania, Australia

The postcards that can be found in bookstores and souvenir shops usually have touristic themes. In my efforts to find requested postcard theme(s) for swaps, I chanced upon The Postcard House. This post box postcard is one of the three designs I ordered last week. The ordering & delivery process was very efficient and this card is now on its way to Australia. I really like this card for featuring modifications for the Singapore postal box over three decades. Although, I reckon it would have been even nicer if the current post box design is on this card, too. There's a separate card for that, which can be found here

I found it a nice coincidence that the theme for Sunday Stamps linky this weekend is similar to our Postcards for the Weekend theme. To view stamps that are postal related, please head over to See it on a Postcard this Sunday, 8 Oct 2016.

Our previous theme, domesticated animals - generated a lot of informative and amusing postcards. I gathered that not everyone has postcards that will exactly fit the chosen theme every time. However with that experience last weekend, each of us were resourceful and creative with the postcards we shared! I hope we can continue with this spirit for future themes that pose to be challenging, given our individual preferences for the themes in our respective postcards collections.

For the end of this month, October -- I've decided to make it free and easy; hence, an anything you wish theme. It should be equally interesting and exciting to find out what postcards we'll share for that theme-less weekend. 

Happy weekend everyone,


  1. Finding/choosing cards for your themes here is very similar in some ways to finding matches for postcrossers' wishlists... You have to do you best with what you have! :)

  2. I always enjoy seeing other countries post boxes, I like the different colours.

  3. Hi Maria, I'm learning a lot thanks to Postcards for the Weekend! First of all, what a perfect card for this weekend's theme. History included! Singapore has interesting collection boxes. I wonder if you are still using the "White" box? I like the Singapore signature across the front. Thanks for your mention of flexiblity with the theme. I'm finding several brand new, to me, blogs. This is cool! Thanks for putting it all together!

  4. I like these postcards. No wonder, as I love anything postal :)
    I didn't know this shop. Are its postcards easy to write on?

  5. First time ever I see a Singapore postbox...they look really nice...I don't think we have postcards showing postboxes in my country...our are all red but in different sizes!


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