Sunday, July 26, 2015

Say it with flowers

My penpal, Tuija from Finland is ever so sweet. She loves sending me matching stamps and envelopes since we started writing to each other back in 2011.

This envelope was received in 09 Sep 2011. The Lilac stamp on it was issued back in 1 March 2006. Lilac is a common garden plant; well-loved due to its attractive and fragrant flowers.

The flower featured on this envelope received in 22 June 2011 on the other hand is a rare plant. Mountain everlasting or pussytoes belongs to the sunflower family but thrives in cooler temperature. 

For more flowers seen on stamps, hover your mouse & click here.



  1. Excellent envelopes and stamps - your friend is very talented.

  2. I thought this was buddleia to begin with until I checked the leaves. A beautiful shade of blue.

  3. Lovely how they match and what a sweet friend to do that. I used to collect stamps when I was a young girl . Take care xox anne

  4. love the smell of lilacs!
    'pussytoes' makes me want to learn more about this flower :)

  5. This made me think of a penpal I had many many years ago who is still my friend today. Goodness, this is very beautiful. Such a dear friend. Take care


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