Friday, December 6, 2013

Inspiring Peace

Facebook Swap, Sender: Abran
Sent: 15 Oct 2013 from Los Angeles, CA
Received 22 Oct 2013, Traveled 11,734.53 km in 7 days

Today, I woke up to the sad news that one of the brightest beacons of peace ever-lived on Earth, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela had departed. It's half an hour past 1 PM in my side of the world and I've been tuned in to 94.7 Highveld Radio for live stream of Mandela tributes. It's truly amazing what his spirit has achieved and the inspiration he's given us all. In one way or the other, the peace he worked so hard to achieve for his people and his country is very much a part of the worldwide peace each of us enjoy in our daily lives.

Madiba, may you now eternally be with the One who never fails to grant us peace. You will always be a source of inspiration in my life!

Sharing this card with Beth for Postcard Friendship Friday.



  1. It's too bad the real world isn't that peaceful.

  2. Hello Maria, Beautiful idea, your post. We heard about Mandela's death last night. He is an idol for my son, and we were both sad about the news. Your card reminds me of a cat, I once saw in Spain. He loved mice, and no, not for dinner. They were napping with him on a cloth in a street. Of course the owner got a lot of money from the photographers who wanted to picture that peaceful view. Happy PFF!

  3. I have been sad over our world's loss as well. I have always respected this man, but to hear how he won his jailers with his kindness, forgiveness and respect. He was a wonderful man.

    ((hugs)) Have a lovely rest of the day, my dear, and happy PFF!

  4. Beautiful card and beautiful sentiment. Happy PFF

  5. Hello lovely....
    This is a powerful card of peace, different from those you use to see. I love this double view. How are you dear ?


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