Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Stamps 1

Surprise Postcard, Sender: Terry
Sent: 8 Dec 2012 from Sherwood, AR
Received: 8 Jan 2013, Traveled 13,552 km in 30 days

The theme for Viridian's Sunday Stamps today is holiday stamps.
First let me share a folded card I received last year from a dear
postcard swapping friend, Terry from the USA. The folded card
has a nice assortment of Christmas symbols presented in form
of stamps. A few popular Christmas symbols seem to be hiding...

When we do have the Christmas ball, there is no Christmas tree!
So check out those two Christmas tree stamps, one from Russia
and another one from the USA. Both trees radiantly depicted --
with the Russian Christmas tree, bright and lovely even out in 
the cold snow and the bright star atop the US tree, 
cheering up two kids and their dad.

Check out Viridian's page for more
holiday stamps!



  1. The designs of all of the stamps are good. The top five are really nice. The stamp on the bottom right I do remember.

  2. I like the stamps you show here and would like to see more from around the world. Every year I go to the post office to get Madonna and Child Christmas stamps, and this year they were sold out so I went online and ordered some. I hope they arrive soon.


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