Sunday, January 6, 2013

'Something Black'

The reality is, no matter how many 'Happy New Year' greetings we get, or even we really wanted to jump start the year on a good note, when there's something terribly wrong from the past year/s...there's no fresh and happy start unless we find the way to mend it. Also, when you know there are terrible things ahead of you just right at the start of a new year, you just wish the time would freeze at 11:59 on that last day of December 2012.

I was emotionally down the past weeks. Worst, I was crying every now and then. I felt like the whole weight of the world is on my shoulders! I wanted to continue posting nice and encouraging postcard entries here to kick start the year cheerfully but I just can't! I wanted to write motivating entries along with those cards but I was just completely uninspired myself... sorry dear readers!

Having said that, I find Viridian's Sunday Stamps theme to be appropriate for what I was through -- lost in the dark. (I am feeling a lot better now, worry not.)

The theme is 'something black' or a black stamp.

First I have this Black Marsh Terrapin from the back of my very first (and only one mailed from SG) postcard from Singapore. It's more charming name is 'smiling terrapin'. Nice! Just the right word to make me feel a lot better! :) This turtle is considered sacred by Buddhists here in Southeast Asia and kept as a pet in temples. Sadly, Ms. Terri Smiley is classified as 'vulnerable', being hunted for food and traditional medicine.

This stamp is a part of a 10 definitive stamps set released by SingPost in 13 April 2011. The set was part of the 'Pond Life' collection.

The second stamp that I found is of these baby raccoons. And wow! I learned a new word, 'kit'. Kits or baby raccoons are vulnerable up to six weeks from birth...but looking at these stamps, they already look mischievous with that bandit-mask marking on their faces! 

This design was released by the Canadian Post on 16 January 2012 as part of the Baby Wildlife definitive stamps series.

I hope that despite this entry started with an under the weather tone, the stamps were cute enough to put us all in a light mood.

I brace myself for a terrible week ahead of me...please help me in hoping I come out of it alive...

I pray a better experience for this week for all of you (and for me too, if possible!)


P.S. Know that even though I'm having a terrible start for 2013, I am still sincerely grateful for all the 'Happy New Year' greetings that I got. Perhaps all those greetings are working to reduce the negative energy so it won't be that terrible for me after all! ;-) Salamat po!


  1. A nicely designed terrapin stamp. I like the Canadian young animals series, but hadn't seen the raccoon one. It made me smile with their they look to be about to be very mischievous, so cute.
    Hoping things get better for you. Best Wishes.

  2. Hang in there and work through the darkness. On my blog you wrote that you had just made an important decision. I hope things get better now.

  3. I love the cute raccoons. My home backs a large stand of woods and I am lucky enough to often see deer and raccoon in my yard. The raccoon are so cute, they can be a but of a nuisance and destructive at times but their cuteness always forgives their behavior. Nice post Kristina!

  4. I have many, many raccoons ...
    I am sorry life has been so hard for you, hope things start looking more positive soon.
    (and I pray the week ahead fizzles into something less tragic than you anticipate)

  5. I love your choice of stamps for this week.

    I do hope things are going better for you and that the week ahead turns out to be not as bad as you thought. I have myself been going through a terrible three months but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel even though life will never be the same again. My wish for you in 2013 is that your tunnel will be very short and that there will be wonderful light at the end.

  6. thanx for stopping by and telling me your mom´s nickname :) my right name is kristina like you :)


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