Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gandalf & Unification Stamps

I've been so excited to share stamps that I received last week with Viridian's Sunday Stamps.

I am really glad that the first of two themes today is 'anything you wish'. Perfect for me to feature these Gandalf stamps. I got them at the back of the two postcards sent to me by my master's degree thesis advisor. He was attending a conference in New Zealand at the exact timing for The Hobbit's  opening season there. I watched the film last week and it was awesome! I was really impatient for this film as I am also a big fan of The Lord of the Rings. And also because the film's main star is Martin Freeman who plays that Dr. John Watson character (such an adorable loyal friend!) in BBC's Sherlock TV series. (Anyone reading this from New Zealand...I really wish to get a Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins stamp for my birthday on February. Please message me if you hear/read my request. Thank you! :D )

The next theme is a challenge to find 'a stamp commemorating the end of something'. It's a challenge really as I had to diligently scan every postcards album that I have to find a stamp fit for the theme. And here's what I got, a stamp for the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

The Unification of Italy according to my online research, is significant because it brought a finality to the Vienna settlement of 1815. Now that required me to read about European history cause I barely know anything about I learned that the Vienna conference from November 1814 to June 1815 aimed to unite the political and social structure in Central Europe. Allow me to side comment --Thanks Uncle Wiki, you're always so dependable ;) Moreover, the unification marks the end of lack of agreement between Italian states -- proving that nationalism was still of greater value than liberalism, which was a more popular school of thought for change at that time.

I am looking forward into sharing New Year stamps next week! For now, I wish everyone a wonderful year ender and a cheerful welcome for the 2013 on the night of the 31st.



  1. I have a friend in New Zealand Kristina - so I'll see what he can arrange and let you know.
    I've learnt some European history from you today.

    1. Thank you Bob! ;-) I'll be looking forward into hearing from you again.

  2. Thanks for the history lesson. I know very little about European history and even less about Hobbit.

  3. Lovely Lord of the Rings stamps :)
    I am surprised how little we learn about European history in the UK, I didn't know about the unification of Italy.
    Happy New Year!

  4. I really like the Hobbit stamp. I haven't seen the Italian one before.

    It wasn't until the Treaty of St. Germain that Southern Tyrol and a few other parts of Italy that have belonged to the Habsburg empire were given back to Italy.

    Happy new year!

  5. I love the Hobbit stamps! I haven't seen the film yet, though.

  6. I didn't know Martin Freeman was in The Hobbit (I am a huge Sherlock fan! Love Benedict Cumberbatch)
    I didn't know much about the Unification of Italy either until I was there this summer and 'accidentally' found Mazzini's grave and an Italian woman tried to explain who he was - when I came home I looked it up and realized how little I knew.

  7. What a treat to get the Gandalf stamp, it has a nice mysterious feel to it. I like the unification stamp, Italy has a fascinating history.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year


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