Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunset-Loving Wednesday

I love sunsets. I am always amazed on how the sky in the horizon are painted with bold colors, mostly hues of orange and red -- my favorites.

Sunset at the beach tops my list. Dreamy, serene, and comforting. With the sun setting at the horizon, the calming lullaby of the waves carries me to the world of my dreams. It's always easier and more inspiring to dream when you have the world painted with your favorite colors in front of you.

This evening, I was delighted to see cards on my study table and one of them is this sunset card, a direct swap from Poland. Breathtaking, isn't it? Much gratitude to Adam, the sender, for picking this card for me. :D Being drawn into the comfort of this card is definitely the best way to relax from a day spent with field work.

Checking my postcard collection for more sunset cards from other senders, I found a painting of the Venice Lagoon by Ivan Aivazovsky. The painting was from 1841. I received this card from Russia early this year.

The third card is another private swap. It also came early this year, it's from Tianjin, China. The postcard however shows a view from Da Li, Yunnan. This is the Three Pagoda Monastery during sunset. Now I wonder how it would feel to experience the delight of a sunset from a monastery. Would it be more serene, since monasteries are holy places? I wish I can try to take in a wonderful sunset experience from a monastery by the sea real soon.

It's a sunset-loving Wednesday for me. Visit This Kind of Love by clicking on the photo below to see what other bloggers are hooked up to on this third day of the week. Wishing everyone is having a smooth week so far! :)

~ maria

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  1. I love sunsets too. The colours are always so beautiful. The Polish picture is particularly gorgeous!

    Best wishes and thanks for stopping by!
    Natasha in Oz

  2. They are all wonderful in different ways but I think my favourite is the centre on, but then I've always has a special place in my heart for Venice.

  3. Here in Finland we don't really have orange light but blue instead, this is during winter time. :)

  4. I noticed that one of the postcards was postmarked on the picture side. You may want to visit your local PO to tell them not to do it.

    1. I already told them about it. They said they can't really control it when they have bulk of postcards/letters coming in :(

  5. I love the beach one! I would have that one blown up into a large poster.


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