Friday, February 24, 2012

Nauset Light graces Cape Cod

Finally, after months of perusing over whether to reformat my 3 year-old blog or not...taaaddaa!! My page is now dedicated to postcards and stamps. My apologies to my life has been one wild roller coaster but I hope the ride is getting smoother now. I can go back to blogging.

Believe me, I miss my old themes for each day too! Music on Monday, Thankful Thursday, etc...if anyone feels the same as I do...please let me know and we'll see about getting another page dedicated for those posts. :D

And because I expected myself to have worked on this postcards and stamps blog by the start of Feb 2012 (and I haven't until today), I would really do my best to post a new entry as often as I can. There are a lot of wonderful postcards and stamps that I wish to share! :D

First, one of my favorites: a lighthouse from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The lighthouse, built in 1877, was moved 300 feet from its original location in 1996. Prior to being relocated, it was placed dangerously at the edge of the cliff by the narrowing shoreline and coastal erosion.

The card came with 4 stamps. One of those is shown here, a 1 c Tiffany lamp stamp. It was first issued on 28 April 2009. This stamp designed by Lou Nolan is the third in the American Design Series.

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  1. nice blog, I wish to receive cards as beautiful as your, I do postcrossing, i´m following your blog, visit my blog and follow me

    1. Following you already ;-)

      I'm Krissa in FB. I was the one you asked for the username. Happy weekend!

  2. I love the new blog! What a great stamp. Another new follower!

  3. I love light houses. The tiffany lamp stamp seems just right for this card! Happy PFF

    1. Didn't realize the aptness of the stamp until I read your comment. :D Thanks Snap.


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