Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kuopio, Finland

The handmade postcard is from my pen pal Tuija. This is my first postcard from Finland. You can see the origin of this card marked in red on the map above.

I wish to participate in the 'Sunday Stamps' hosted by Viridian but I don't have a se-tenant stamp yet. I thought the stamp at the back of this card is one and I did an extensive research about it. However it's not. I was happy about the information that I found about it nonetheless :D

The stamp is under the architecture and design style issued in 2007. It shows part of a chair standing for the empire neoclassical style, inspired by Napoleon and popular in the 19th century. This chair can be found at the empire hall of the Sinebrychoff Museum Art of Helsinki. The wallpaper known as the 'Porvoo Garland' was once the wallpaper at the home of the national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. The picture frame shown on the stamp is typical of the subdued empire style of the Nordic countries. Source:

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  1. i'll try to look for setenant stamps in my collection, maybe i'll find one for you ;-)


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