Sunday, June 26, 2011

Philippine Hoyas Stamp of 2011

It's Sunday Stamps time again in Viridian's Postcard Blog and the theme is summer, especially butterflies. I regret that I don't have butterfly stamps to share...but summer is also about flowers in bloom! Butterflies love flowers, so I am sharing this Philippine Postal Corporation 2011 First Quarter Issue of Topicals Philippine Hoyas on 08 March.

Hoyas can be found all over the archipelago. It can be found in 200-300 varieties, either in vine or shrub type. Shown here is a se-tenant block of 4 at P7 each. My favorite is the Hoya mindorensis since this variety is endemic to my home province of Mindoro.

Trivia: This genus was named by botanist Robert Brown in honor of his friend, Thomas Hoy. Brown is one of the pioneers in the use of microscope in botany. Hoy was a gardener to the Duke of Northumberland at Syon House in Middlesex, UK.
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  1. Lovely and exotic flowers! They may be commonplace to you, I don't know, but to me they are exotic. :)

  2. @Shiela: They shouldn't be exotic for me, but they are!

    I only see hoyas when I go home to the province. And oddly enough, it's the Summer hoya w/c is a common sight in gardens there...not the Mindoro hoya.

  3. Those look interesting. I hadn't heard of hoyas before.

  4. @Postcardy: For most variety, when you take an individual flower from a bunch and hold it upside looks like a shooting star. Btw, they're commonly called waxplant...

  5. I like their common names as well, Grandmother's wax plant must have a story behind it. Pretty plants.


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