Saturday, January 20, 2018

Postcards for the weekend 69: Aerial Views

In as much as I love looking close into details, I also enjoy looking at the "big picture". For views of a "big picture" this weekend, I have for you:

Sent from Helsinki on 28 Dec 2016, Traveled 9,323 km

Suomenlinna - an inhabited sea fortress built on 6 islands. My Finnish penpal, Tuija went and mentioned that if not because of the cold, she would have wanted to spend the whole day there. I totally missed the chance to see the place myself when I visited Finland back in April last year. And you guessed it right, the culprit was also the cold weather.

Sent from Dubrovnik on 6 Aug 2013, Traveled 9,925 km

Dubrovnik - another filming location for one of my favorite TV series, Game of Thrones. I've been to Valletta, Malta, one of the first filming locations. If I look into this Dubrovnik aerial view sans the name of the city, could have easily mistaken it for Valletta. This postcard was also sent by Tuija, 5 years ago when I was still living in Manila.

Sent from Frankfurt on 12 March 2017, Traveled 10,252 km

Frankfurt - an aerial view of the city that I received a month prior to my layover there, while on my way to Malta. I remember challenging myself whether I would actually be able to spot this view during the descent and ascent of my incoming and outgoing flights. I didn't! Now I'm strongly leaning on wanting to see the city in person and getting to these buildings and for real. I've never been to any German city and my feet are itching for adventures there. 

Which of these places have you been to? Which place/city (not necessarily any of these 3), would you like to see for your next adventure?

Happy weekend, 


  1. I like the dramatic snowy fortress although I would not want to spend a winter there and prefer to head for the warmth of the blue seas of the Adriatic and Dubrovnik. I think Frankfurt with its green spaces and trees would be a nice city to visit.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    And I've been to none if them. Even two of the three countries I've never visited so far (our neighbouring Germany I did visit, of course, but Frankfurt I've only send/received mail to/from :-) ).

  3. I've been in Suomenlinna, but it was in the summer, so the view was completely different. And also in Dubrovnik. But never to Germany!

    By the way, my village (I sent you a postcard from there some years ago) was also a film location for Game of Thrones!

  4. I've never been to any of these places. I have been to Germany twice in the past (way back in the 1980/90s) but not Frankfurt.

  5. Dubrovnik is a city I've long wanted to see.


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