Saturday, December 16, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 65: December holidays

FI-3122027, Sent from Lahti, Finland
Traveled 9,247 km in 12 days

This is the very first Christmas-themed postcard I received this year. I'm very pleased with the bright and glossy finish of this postcard. I reckon there's no heater inside Santa's workshop ... Santa and his helpers' cheeks are all extremely red!

Friendship Gift Postcard, Sent from Singapore
Traveled 2,391 km

A card that I've received 4 years ago from Singapore when I was still living in Manila. The sender of this postcard loves to draw. This postcard featured a festive illustration of the Singapore's icon, Merlion at the back:

If you noticed, the message was written for Krissa. I'm Krissa to family and friends. It wasn't until I entered university that I was called using my real name, Maria Kristina. In the Philippines, children are usually given official long names and shorter nicknames.

Speaking of family & friends, I won't be spending this upcoming holidays with loved ones. For those of you who are, I truly wish that you make memorable moments with your family & friends.

We will not have any linky for next weekend ... So please allow me to greet all of you a Merry Christmas in advance!



  1. I like your postcards. The first one reminds me the illustrations of my books as a children.

    I wish you a Happy Christmas too.

  2. I wish you and your mailbox a Happy Christmas too! :)

  3. Hi Maria, What delightful cards, perfect for our theme! Thank you for the kind Christmas wishes and may I send the same to you and yours. Thank you for hosting the link up! See you next year! :-) John

  4. Icy cold can cause red cheeks (or at least a red nose and ears, in my case), too :-)

    Such a nice drawing by your friend of the Merlion!

    And you finally solved the puzzle I struggled with, concerning your blogspot and instagram name :-)

    Happy Holidays - I hope you'll be able to see your loved ones soon!

  5. Hello Krissa .. such wonderful cards. Merry Christmas to you , love from Oxfordshire - Anne x


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