Friday, April 7, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 32: Whimsical and/or magical

I've been up to my neck with work and I almost forgot it's Friday!

For this weekend's theme I've picked three postcards to share:

Friendship Gift Postcard, from Finland
Sent 7 June 2014, traveled 9,171 km

I'm very happy to come across this postcard from my collection again and read the message at the back from my Finnish pen friend, Tuija. She translated the text, "Sometimes it's good to catch one's breath and enjoy the day enjoying one's self, leaving everyday worries behind, take it easy and be happy about the good things in life."

RU-537449, from Russia,
Sent 21 Aug 2011, traveled 8,260 km in 25 days

It looks so magical with the planets and stars in the background. I can't figure out the pink wall that the cats are leaning on though, is it supposed to be a wall?

DE-6024930, from the north of Germany
Sent 1 March 2017, traveled 10,102 km in 13 days

This is one of my most recently received postcards. Because of the black hood and veil of this woman, I always think of Bellatrix Lestrange (from the famous Harry Potter series) every time I look at the postcard.

Have a relaxing weekend folks!



  1. It was good to see those whimsical cats of yours and I like the text on the first card.

  2. I like the sentiment in the Finnish card. Something we should all remember.

  3. Sweet card from Finland, the cat wall I too am puzzled about, I wonder if it is supposed to be a band stand, hope they don't start singing:)

  4. Hi Maria, This is pretty neat … I think whimsical cats have made it into 3 of our posts on this version of Postcards for the Weekend and I haven’t even looked at a couple of the other blogs. I sure like this week’s theme but my Cat Cookout card didn’t come to mind until I saw your cats and John’s whimsical cats! :-) Also enjoyed your cards from Finland and Germany. Re your comment at the beginning of your post … It sounds like you have earned a nice vacation! :-) Hope you have a great week ahead and, as always, thanks for sharing and hosting.


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