Friday, November 11, 2016

Postcards for the weekend 11: Coffee/tea/pastries

Wow!  We're on our 11th linky party, since we started on 3 September. Thank you so much to all of you who's been participating, making visits, and most of all -- showing your appreciation to each participant by leaving your comments on the postcards shared. I hope we're all having fun with our postcards for the weekend.

Pardon me, for my round of visits will be delayed for this weekend and the next as I'm traveling. Nonetheless, I'm making sure that the linky is here even though I'm away.

DE-5534053, Sender: ha45K
Sent from Germany, Traveled 10,352 km in 16 days

For this weekend, I'm a non-kitchen-genius so my idea of a theme with coffee/tea and everything usually served with either for a snack (ie, cake, cookie, biscuits) has been reduced to "pastry". I'm posting these cards ahead of time to hopefully, try to provide reference as for the inclusion of the theme. For the first card above, how I wish I have at least one of these cupcakes to enjoy with my cup of mixed lemongrass, ginger, and citrus tea at the moment.

BY-1171367, Sender: Anna
Sent from Minks, Belarus, Traveled 8,926 km in 33 days
Here's a cup of tea (perhaps coffee) with matching biscuits. I love the appearance of tiny white bunnies on this postcard. It's a work of Alyona Baranova, a Dusseldorf-based illustrator from Ukraine.

It's getting cooler and cooler here in Singapore. I'd say despite the daily downpour, I love this time of the year when I have my time out from extremely warm days! As some of you may know, our weather here in the tropics usually can only be warm, warmer, and warmest. We don't have four seasons with more significant temperature changes. This weekend until the next, I will be in a country where I can enjoy autumn colors. I'm not exactly sure though if I will very enjoy the temperature, forecasted to be at 15 degrees Celsius drop from my usual 27 - 33 here in Singapore.

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Maria, What neat postcards and perfect for this week's theme. After looking at that first card for a few minutes I've decided it requires a visit to my local cupcake shop! You can see it here
    Thanks for hosting the link up and have a fine weekend ... where ever you are! :-) Safe travels!

  2. Love that postcard by Alonya Baranova! I had never heard of hear, tjank you for sharing!

    And thank you for hosting, I wandered through all entries and I love the ways people show their matching cards, in such a variety!

  3. The little white bunnies are curious, I especially like the one sat on the tea cup. Random rabbit fact, the Belarus rouble used to be called a bunny because it had a running rabbit on it.

  4. The cupcakes are looking so yummie but almost too beautiful to eat...And thanks once more Maria for the great Vietnam post office postcard! ❤

  5. Also getting cooler here in Morocco, so good time for a hot tea, or coffee, or chocolate! I'm really enjoying the postcards related to this theme. A bit late, because I was on holidays, but catching up.

    Maybe chocolate could be another theme?


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