Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Gigantic & Ancient Redwood Trees

Friendship Postcard, Sender: Terra
Sent: 18 Apr 2015 from Santa Cruz, CA
Received: 28 Apr 2015, Traveled 13,645 km in 10 days

Last month, I participated (and completed, wooohooo!!) the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge. I posted about Buildings and Structures on Postcards. I met Terra thru the challenge and she sent me a postcard! ;-)



  1. Hi Maria, I am enjoying trading postcards with you. I admire how you could share the postcard I sent you on your blog. Did you scan it, or take a photo of it?

  2. Hi Maria ,, Well done to you , great that you are back blogging .. Keep up the good work xx

  3. Hi Maria, This is a beauty of a card! The giant trees of northern California call me ... I have wanted to see them for a long time now ... One of these days I will make the trip ... Everyone tells me it is amazing. I like the way you mention the number of miles the card traveled.

  4. Hi Maria - that's wonderful Terra sent you a card ... I did offer - my email is on my blog! I still can't work out pictures etc on the blog .. but I just about cope!!

    The A- Z was fun - I always enjoy and am very happy meeting new friends .. congratulations on finishing ... cheers Hilary


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