Friday, July 27, 2012

Roscoff, France

This card from Roscoff, France is one of the first cards that I received from the postcrossing network, back in April 2011.

Roscoff is known as "petite cité de caractère de Bretagne" which means small town of character. This French commune is close to Plymouth, England and Cork, Ireland. Transportation is by the ro-ro, or the roll-on, roll-off ferries -- a picture of which can be seen on this card.

People of Roscoff are called Roscovites.

From my random browsing in the internet, I'm delighted to learn that one of my favorite authors, Alexandre Dumas, pere, started writing his book, 'Dictionary of Cuisine' in Roscoff. The story from Roscoff is an entertaining one about onions. That also led me into reading about Onion Johnnies, which apparently is a stereotypical image of a Frenchman. Johnniged, in the Breton language, Onion Johnnies are farm men riding bicycles hung with onion, selling them door to door. To learn more about Onion Johnnies, here's a nice site:

Happy Friday everyone!

~ maria

Postcard ID: FR-142295
Traveled 11,198 km in 18 days


  1. I've never heard of Onion Johnines, thanks for all this wonderful history. Great card. Happy PFF

  2. I think I only have a handful postcards from France and most of it feature the Eiffel Tower. It's nice to see another beautiful card from there.


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