Sunday, October 9, 2011

Europe stamps 2/2 (+ a comforting love story)

Another Sunday in Europe and here are flower stamps from Finland and Germany:

Forgive me if I ain't sharing info about these stamps. I am sharing a story about a love affair with a flower vendor instead...

...I go to the Pike Place Market in Seattle almost every Saturday morning to shop and carry on a love affair.

For several years I've bought flowers from a youngish woman who is a refugee from one of the hill tribes of Indo-China. For one thing, she has the freshest and most beautiful flowers. For another, she is a fresh and beautiful flower herself. I don't know her name, nor she mine.We won't speak the same language. To her, I must be just another customer.

She is spring to me. She's there with pussywillows, daffodils, and then irises. She's summer, with roses and sunflowers. She's fall, with dahlias and chrysanthemums. As the growing season comes to an end, she brings stems of fall leaves to sell, and then it's over. In winter, I miss her.

...I always insist she keep the change and she always insists on giving me an extra flower.

Once I tried to buy all her flowers at once, but she just shook her head. "No." I don't know why. Maybe she, too, is in love with someone and wants to be there to sell him flowers when he comes.

- an excerpt from Robert Fulghum's True Love, a collection of short love stories

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  1. The tulips in the middle looks lovely. my fave flower during spring time

  2. You pulled me in to the love story and then I saw that it wasn't yours! Three fine flower stamps although I can't see the one from Belgium clearly.

    1. True ;) The last one is from Belgium ;)

    2. Oppss...Sorry Bob and Tacha. I really loved this story from Robert Fulghum so I decided to share it here.

      On top of it, I'm glad that you both liked the stamps.

  3. I love sweet peas and so I love the stamp, but best of all is the story! :)

  4. that's such a lovely story! you made me google for Mr. Fulghum now to see if I could find some more of his stories...just loved his style of writing, simple, yet captivating! thanks so much for sharing!

    btw, yeah, until I actually read it was an excerpt, I also thought it was yours :)

  5. The Finnish stamp is one I really like - it also has a Braille print on it and it was the first time I saw Braille on a stamp. I would really love to know what is written on the stamp!

  6. Beautiful story and bouquet of flower stamps. I always enjoy receiving the German flower definitives on my postcards.

  7. I like the German series of flower stamps--there are a lot of them.

  8. That is such a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it along with the stamps.

  9. Lovely sweet story.
    Thank you for participating in Sunday stamps. 14 entries this week!
    I am now finally getting around to commenting - I was away at a professional conference and did not have access to internet.


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